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Raveendran Nair(Jyotish  Alankar) is a Malyali Astrologer  Practicing   successfully in Astrology, Numerology, Gemology and Vaastu since 1996. He is the only Malayali Astrologer Practicing in Delhi/NCR  since  such a long time.  He is quite  familiar  to almost every malayali  family or Malayali organization in all parts of Delhi NCR.

He  specializes in child counseling for  those students who are not doing well in their studies as well as in Marriage matching and counseling.

He is  also  managing the  franchisee of  Delhi Branch of Malayogam, which is one of the most famous web portal for match makers of the Malayali group in all over India.
 His down to earth approach and practical as well as affordable remedies has made him  popular amongst  his clients constituting both south Indians and  north Indians.Best astrology consultant in Delhi, Being very  fluent in Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam and English  communication has never been a problem with him even while consulting with non malayalis or  North Indians.

He is also using Kawadi Prasnam(Horary Astrology done by using sea shells)which is a specialty of Kerala. It helps to ascertain the real issues faced by the person which are normally invisible in Horoscopes.

Raveendran Nair is the Best Atrologer  in Delhi NCR.


Raveendrn Nair is a very famous Astrologer in Delhi NCR.

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