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Raveendran Nair is the Best Atrologer  in Delhi NCR.

Astrology is Vedic Science with combinations of Astronomy mathematically calculated method of exploring the major events of our future due to influence of Planets on Humankind, our relationships and our place & Status in the world. It works by taking a look at the impact and influence of heavenly planets on our significant events & environmental influences right from our date, time & place of birth,Astrology and Vastu consultant in Delhi, starts operating in a particular place at a given time. This cycle of birth is in continuation unless reaches scaltation. So the result of back birth's doing karmas carries.

Astrology, the science of the stars, can give us insight into all facets of life and all situations, from personal relationship, marital life, children, individual, professional growth, financial growth, prosperity & properties, health & longevity of life, achievements, social & political activities to the political activities, both MICRO & MACRO, resulting the reflects of back karmas (previous birth)


Raveendrn Nair is a very famous Astrologer in Delhi NCR.

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