Vastu for Water Tanks in Residence/Office

Vastu Shastra recommends some principles for construction of water sump in the building. According to Vastu, water elements should be available in the Northeast of the building. The following are some principles to build overhead and under ground water tanks. 

Under Ground Water Tank/Well

The best place for digging the sump is the North-east of the plot. This leads to increase in wealth, prosperity and knowledge. While digging the sump, an axis should be drawn from the Northeast corner to southwest corner.Vastu Shastra Consultants in Delhi, The sump should be dug to the right or left side of axis. The sump in east of northeast is most beneficial and the sump in north of northeast is also good.
Water sump should not be towards Southeast or Northwest. The sump in the Southwest is worst. Avoid water sump at the center of the house. 

Overhead Water Tank

Overhead water tank should be in the West or Southwest direction of the building as these are negative zones of the house. Due to water in the tank, it becomes heavy, creates a balance of energies in the house and proves to be useful. Overhead tank in west direction is also beneficial.   

Overhead tank should not be built in the Northeast of building.  The tank in northeast direction will make it heavy; which is a big Vastu defect. It should not also be built in the South-east as it may cause loss of wealth and has adverse effect on health. Tank can be built in the Northwest of the house, but it should be small in size. Overhead water tank is not good at center of house as it is a heavy structure and will make the center heavy. Tank should be 2 feet above form the slab. There should not be leakage in overhead tank as it can cause outflow of money. Overhead tank should not be made of plastic. If it is of plastic, it should be of black or blue color as these colors absorb sun rays which create positive energy when absorbed in water. 
Note: All above principles are applicable to residential as well as commercial buildings.  

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 Vaastu Tips for Offices

Vaastu for office ensures the softness of work in the office premises alongwith the co-ordination among all employees. Following Vaastu remedies for offices helps to make sure, that the employees work efficiently and effectively, proving to be a positive feature for the company and not an accountability. Vaastu principles for offices take into consideration many factors like proper location of the office, office exteriors in terms of its slope, shape etc, direction in which different departments of the office and the reception are located, position of various electronic gadgets and many more.

Here are some Vaastu tips for offices:
  • The seating arrangement of senior executives, managers and directors should be done in Southern, western and southwestern portions of the office.
  • Northern and eastern zones would be appropriate for seating the middle managers. Reserve the northwest portion for the field staff.
  • The right place for reception counter is Northeast portion of the office.
  • Location of financial records department should be in the southeast direction.
  • It is suggested that the staff should work facing the north or east direction.
  • Central zone of office premises should be kept empty.
  • It is advisable to have a rectangular desk for the owner.
  • Boring or tube well installation in the southern direction of the office is not recommended.
  • The locations perfect for the pantry are southeast and northwest zones.
  • Marketing department should be located in the northwest zone of the office. 
You can maintain your files in your office as given below:

  1. Account file – in south-east corner shelf.
  2. Personal file – in south-west shelf of your cabin.
  3. Purchase file – in south-west shelf made on south wall.
  4. Sales file – in north-west shelf on wall.
  5. Estate file – in south-west shelf made on southern wall. 
  6. Shares file – in north-west shelf mad on north wall which you want to sell. And in south-west shelf made on south wall which you want to retain. 
  7. Raw materials file – in south-west shelf.
  8. Finished goods file – in north-west corner shelf. 
  9. Income tax file – in south-west corner shelf. 
  10. Sales tax and excise files – in south-west corner shelf.
  11. Import and Export file – in north-west corner shelf.
  12. Stores file – Always in south-west corner shelf. 
  13. Cash purchase file – in south-west corner shelf. 
  14. Credit purchase file – in north-west corner shelf.
  15. Staff and workers file – in north-west corner shelf. 
  16. Litigation file – in north-west corner shelf.
  17. Pending bill file (receivable) – if it is in north-west shelf it will help in early recoveries or payment which are due. 


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